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In Good Hands

Clinic Mask Policy - Politique de port de masques


Hello Everyone :)

Despite the lifting of wearing a mask in a healthcare facility since June 11th 2022, regional hospitals as well as medical clinics have decided to continue requiring a mask as will the clinic In Good Hands. The clinic is responsible for the care for individuals who are vulnerable and at a greater risk of complications from Covid therefore:

  • For everyone's protection, indoor mask wearing will continue to be in effect at the clinic at all times, for myself as well as all patients until further notice.
  • A Covid screening will continue to be done on the day of your appointment at the clinic.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting protocols remain the same.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and compliance of Covid protocols at In Good Hands.  A sincere thank you as well for the opportunity to accompany you on your "wellness" journey!

Warm regards,

Danielle :) DOMP, RMT

Bonjour à tous :),

Malgré la directive du port de masque obligatoire dans les établissements de soins de santé a pris fin le 11 juin 2022, les hôpitaux régionaux et des cliniques médicales ont décidé de continuer d'exiger le port de masque dans leurs établissements, ce qui est le cas aussi pour la clinique In Good Hands. La clinique est responsable pour fournir des soins d'individus qui sont vulnérables et à risque de complications reliées à Covid alors:

  • Pour la protection de tous, le port du masque intérieur continuera d'être en vigueur à la clinique en tout temps par moi-même ainsi que tous les patients jusqu'à nouvel ordre.

  • Le questionnaire Covid continuera de se faire le jour même de votre rendez-vous à la clinique.

  • Les protocoles de nettoyage et désinfection demeurent les mêmes.

Je souhaite profiter de cette occasion pour vous remercier pour votre soutien continue et votre respect des protocoles Covid chez In Good Hands. Un sincère merci également pour l'opportunité de vous accompagner sur votre chemin de bien-être!

​Meilleurs voeux,

Danielle :) - DOMP, RMT

Please take the time to carefully read the following precautions taken at the clinic


In Good Hands Covid Policies

  1. Please arrive only five (5) minutes before your treatment time.
  2. Patients must bring their own mask (cloth or disposable) until April 27th 2022 and can then be worn at patient's discretion.
  3. Patients must wash/disinfect their hands before and after each treatment.
  4. There is now a wider gap between treatments to allow for proper sanitization protocols.
  5. Screening for Covid-19 will be done only once at time of treatment.

Hand Hygiene

  • Upon arrival, patient must either wash hands thoroughly as per safety guidelines or use hand sanitizer provided. The proper "Washing Hands" guidelines and steps will be visible in the patient washroom.
  • Therapist must also wash or hand sanitize their hands before treatment and after touching, adjusting, putting on, or removing their mask.

Enhanced Cleaning

The following cleaning protocol will be implemented and strictly adhered to:

  • Clean visibly soiled surfaces followed by disinfection as needed.
  • Clean and disinfect all high-touch surfaces in between patients.
  • Linens and blankets will be washed at a “sanitation” deep cleaning method and freshly cleaned linens will be used for every treatment.
  • Clean and disinfect common areas and high touch surfaces after each treatment such as:
    • hand railing, light switches and door handles
    • arm rests of chairs and seat
    • electronic device keyboard and and cell phones
    • desk, table surfaces & stools
  • Sanitize treatment table, face cradle and table adjustment levers after each treatment.
  • Clean equipment and supplies (e.g. lotion bottles, etc.) after each treatment.

NOTE: All cleaning solutions used are on the list of approved disinfectants and hand sanitizers by Health Canada.


  • All contact areas will be cleaned and disinfected after each use e.g. soap dispenser, toilet handle and seat, door handle and light switch as well as paper tower dispenser.