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In Good Hands


Please take the time to carefully read the following precautions taken at the clinic


In Good Hands Covid Policies

  1. Please arrive five (5) minutes before your treatment time. If earlier, please wait in your car.
  2. Patients must bring their own mask (cloth or disposable) as outlined by the governing bodies. These masks MUST be worn at all times.
  3. Patients must wash/disinfect their hands before and after each treatment.
  4. There is now a wider gap between treatments to allow for proper sanitization protocols.
  5. Patients are encouraged to use the online payment feature prior to their appointment however payment can still be made at the clinic. Cash payments will be accepted, however please have the exact amount placed in a small Ziploc sandwich bag (or other small zippable bag) as the paper bills will need to be washed to avoid contamination spread.
  6. Patients must complete the COVID-19 Pre-Screening Form 24 hrs prior to entering the clinic (sent via email). If at that time, the screening results show the client as possibly being positive with COVID-19, the client may not enter the practice setting. The clinic cannot provide treatment to clients who do not pass a COVID-19 screening.
  7. Re-screening will also be required at time of treatment.

Therefore screening for Covid-19 will be done twice:

  1. At time of appointment reminder you will receive an email called "Consent" which includes a link entitled "Patient Form".  Click on link and it will bring you to the Covid-19 questionnaire that can be filled in online.  Press on "Submit" once completed.  You will know you have completed the form when you click "Submit" and a confirmation appears thanking you for completing it.
  2. Upon entering the clinic prior to treatment

Physical distancing, changes to treatment room & office

  • To maintain the required physical distancing therapist and patient will maintain 6 feet distance as best as possible within the practice.
  • All chairs in the office and treatment room have been replaced by clear plastic chairs to allow for proper disinfecting.

Hand Hygiene

  • Upon arrival, patient must either wash hands thoroughly as per safety guidelines or use hand sanitizer provided. The proper "Washing Hands" guidelines and steps will be visible in the patient washroom.
  • Following proper hand hygiene guidelines, therapist will be required to wash and dry hands as well as forearms and elbows before and after every treatment. Therapist must also wash or hand sanitize their hands before and after touching, adjusting, putting on, or removing their mask.

Enhanced Cleaning

The following cleaning protocol will be implemented and strictly adhered to:

  • Clean visibly soiled surfaces followed by disinfection as needed.
  • Clean and disinfect all high-touch surfaces in between patients.
  • Linens and blankets will be washed at a “sanitation” deep cleaning method and freshly cleaned linens will be used for every treatment.
  • Clean and disinfect common areas and high touch surfaces after each treatment such as:
    • hand railing, light switches and door handles
    • arm rests of chairs and seat
    • electronic device keyboard and and cell phones
    • desk, table surfaces & stools
  • Sanitize treatment table, face cradle and table adjustment levers after each treatment.
  • Clean equipment and supplies (e.g. lotion bottles, etc.) after each treatment.

NOTE: All cleaning solutions used are on the list of approved disinfectants and hand sanitizers by Health Canada.


  • All contact areas will be cleaned and disinfected after each use e.g. soap dispenser, toilet handle and seat, door handle and light switch as well as paper tower dispenser.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  1. Therapists are required to wear surgical/procedure masks while within two meters of clients including while providing treatment.
  2. Therapists are not required to wear gloves during treatment however gloves will be available if patient requests their use.
  3. Therapists must instruct the client to come to the appointment wearing a clean disposable or reusable mask to be worn throughout the treatment.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns at:

Warm regards,

Danielle Larocque, DOMP & RMT